Friday, May 8, 2009

Hurling on Your Client’s Desk

Don’t throw up on your client’s desk! Obvious? Not really. It’s very tempting to lay out a laundry list of what we could do for them to retain them or to capture all their business. That’s like tossing your cookies on them.

What they are interested in and what they want is what they need now…NOW. The odds of hitting the right button by random vomiting on them are pretty slim. That’s what we do when we tell them a bunch of cool stuff they don’t need currently.

There’s only one way to discover current need. Ask lots of questions. And then ask more. Understand their need by gentle, professional interrogation. Then, only address the need they tell you about today. Save the rest for later.

I know the imagery is gross but I bet you remember it. Gag.

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BZ said...

Mike - I like this and will refer this to the 50 sales people that I help sell.

Keep It Simple Stupid - right!?