Saturday, August 2, 2008

Turn on a Dime

Perhaps you've noticed that the US automotive industry is in a bit of disarray (duh!). They're doing massive layoffs, plant closings, sales gimmicks, and more to try to adjust to the current gas crisis. Meanwhile, Toyota has already begun the shift to fuel efficient hybrid manufacturing in plants that JUST WEEKS AGO WERE PRODUCING GAS GUZZLING TRUCKS AND SUVS. Ford, GM, and Chrysler are still trying to "stop the battleship." Toyota has already turned it and will be pumping out products that fit today's market in about ONE THIRD of the time it will take the US companies to retool. That's lean thinking at work. Because they are always LISTENING TO THEIR CLIENTS and TOTALLY FOCUSED ON RESPONDING to what they hear and because they live in a culture of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND CHANGE they are able to turn on a dime. That's how we'll outperform ourindustry in times of turmoil and how we'll beat their socks off when the economy begins to pick up again. There is nothing better for us to do than to LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS and be quick to RESPOND TO WHAT THEY TELL US. Staying close to our customers now will ensure that they stay close to us

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