Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Never Knew there WAS a Problem!

I just got an email from NetFlix telling me that their system had gone down and that my shipment of the DVD "Bourne Ultimatum" was going to be a day late. Hmmm...I never KNEW it was late. I didn't EXPERIENCE a problem. BUT they contacted me anyway and BEFORE I could even know. TOTAL PROACTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PROBLEM SOLVING. Do we do this? Are we ahead of the curve? Do we inform clients of a problem BEFORE they even know there is one? One line from the email says they are "committed to delighting me." Wow. How different from Delta who recently decided to bump me off a flight HALF-WAY HOME in the middle of an itinerary and didn't bother to tell me until I was trying to actually board the aircraft. Needless to say, I'm not currently delighted with Delta but, even though there was a problem, I can tell you that IMHO NetFlix rocks!

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