Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Attitude of Gratitude

Right now, if you're like me, your mind is overflowing with "stuff" to think about and most of it is negative (news, economics, layoffs, slow clients, AR, bills, etc.) Yet right in front of our noses is an incredible opportunity for personal mental health, spiritual joy, and physical energy--it's called Thanksgiving. I don't mean the actual "stuffing of the family" orgy that we all enjoy. I mean a reminder to stop thinking about all that's wrong and give thanks to God for all that's right.

Your mind can't manage two attitudes at the same time. And the best way to stop a negative pattern is to replace it with a positive pattern. So replace the dark stuff with gratitude. Make a list. Write a letter of appreciation. Tell your spouse.

In this country, even on our worst day, we have more to be thankful for in terms of liberty, friends, family, spiritual heritage, and, yes, posessions than most of the world on the best day of their entire lives.

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