Friday, October 31, 2008

How to Get More Halloween Candy

At the B&B that my wife owns, we always look forward to Halloween and the scads of children coming by to ask for candy. This morning, I got to thinking about why some kids are more successful (i.e. get more candy) than others. Here are some of my observations. (1) They dress up to stand apart from the crowd (2) They know the neighborhoods and the houses in particular that give the most and best treats (3) They start early and stay late (4) They ask specifically for what they want (5) They have unique methods of asking--this really stands out to me (6) They have large, sturdy bags in anticipation of a lot of candy and (7) they try for more candy than we are willing to simply drop in their bag. The parallels in our world of sales are obvious--can you see them?

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