Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Sticky and Bad Sticky

Sticky refers to how long a person stays on your website. It also refers to how difficult it is for a customer to stop doing business with you or switch to another provider. Obviously the stickier we are the better—but not all stickiness is created equal. For example, I have 2 months left on my contract with Verizon and would really like to switch to ATT so I can get the new iPhone. But I will have to pay a cancellation fee ($175) even though I’ve been a high dollar customer for years. Will I stick? Maybe—but I won’t be happy about it! Sticky shouldn’t be based on contracts and threats. It should be based on providing such a level of service, such value, such benefit to the customer that it becomes a true loss to switch. Now that’s a sticky I can live with.

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wrf3 said...

I really do like my new iPhone, although the user interface could use some polishing in several areas. But I'm not happy with AT&T's coverage. I experience dropped calls and weak signal coverage in too many places.