Saturday, August 22, 2009

Joe Klein, Time magazine, slams republicans for dishonesty in the Healthcare debate. Perhaps true but somehow I'm not sure I see the Democrats as paragons of virtue and truth. Realistically we need to vote all of them out and elect an entirely new Congress.

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I have these actions to stand against corporate money.

Print these out on index cards and bring them to library bulletin boards and other bulletin boards so others can take action.




4. Boycott Tyson Foods of Arkansas who gave Mike Ross $37,000 for his campaigns. Call lobbyist for Tyson Foods Chuck Penry 202 393 3921 and tell him politely that you refuse to buy Tyson chicken until Mike Ross D-Arkansas the leader of the Blue Dogs on health care gets the entire house and senate conservative Democrats to help get HR 676 enacted into law. Tell others to call. Send me email after you call to

5. Boycott American Express who gave Max Baucus $50,000 for his campaigns. Call Joanna Lambert at 212 640 9668 and politely tell her you will not use any American Express cards until Max Baucus gets HR 676 enacted into law. Email me after you call.

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Bayou Charley said...

Democrats favor big government as the solution to most any issue you can name, yet they have never run anything successfully. The Republicans claim to favor small government, but when given the chance, they have grown government, not cut it. Politics attracts people who love power over other people, regardless of party.